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Default Re: Controversial engine break-in technique

this is how i see it when u first start that baby up take it easy for about 7 to ten minutes then ride it like you would normaly ride it for me if it was a single speed i would ride it 3/4 to full throttle but for someone like my dad who like to go easy just average riding speed break it in for where you like to normly ride it most people like it fast some like to take it easy

as for a shift kit i would warm er up and run thru every gear working on the low to mid range more if i lived in hilly country or going for better acceleration but if i lived in flat land and wanted higher top speed i would break in each gear at mid to high rpms

so to sum up warm it up taking it easy then ride it like you want normal, agressive, fast,

i would think a person who breaks in a motor for slower speeds and actually rides like that would have a longer lasting motor

as they say just my 2 cents
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