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Wink Re: Hello From South Carolina

Originally Posted by Mr.Gadget View Post
Me and the kids built a 80/66cc CHROME kit this weekend. We had a BLAST!!!! Loved every minute of it. Then There was me, I can't leave well enough alone, and I installed LED engine illumination. Now I can't go anywhere without people asking 1000 questions about it. And of course the kids love it as well.
Well, Looking forward to being a member here, and Looking forward to our next build.

You're looking forward to being a member here? are a member here, look up at you're title Mr.Gadget "Motorized Bicycle Member" that official enough? And again....welcome!

It's great to read about your building the bike with the kids and the build turns out successful and looks great. Now your looking forward to your next build and then the next. I just wish more people had stories like this, with possitive attitudes towards building them. It's not a hard thing to do. Cheers to your future builds....keep up the good work!
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