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Default Rube Goldberg Motorized Bicycle Contest

As the name implies, Rube Goldberg , a contest to build a ridiculously complicated (but safe) MotorBicycle. Where points are awarded for achieving a goal such as braking, gear reduction or propulsion etc, in the most round about and complicated way.

Will be a team contest where the Capt. is the builder and can have up to 5 people on his or her team. The Captain will do the actual building and must be well tooled. (insert joke here) The team members contribute ideas and concepts via internet, phone etc or hopefully live close together. (could represent states or regains) This will allow folks who may not have the tools or funds to participate and give all the chance to make those dumb things that make no sense, but we wanted to any way.

Final day for entry is the first day of spring. The trophy and bragging rights will be held by the winning team until the following winter when they have to defend their title once again, for the first time.

The trophy will be a rock with an oil gauge attached. I have not broached the subject with our host or Motorized Bicycle Forum - Powered by vBulletin but will ask that a "World Series Rube Goldberg motorized bicycle be competed for during the summer. Final entry, first day of fall. That trophy will be the Rusty wrench. Also to be held by the winners for one year.

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