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Default Re: uh-oh with gasket maker...?

Originally Posted by Nougat View Post gummy and fell off...

...the 97b was easily wiped away, the consistency of old jelly, and a little bit slimy...
I haven't much of a suggestion beyond that 'Seal-All' does seem to hold up... but judging from the above I'd say it's another example of "gasoline resistant" just not being the same as "alcohol resistant" and sadly, few products are taking this into account despite the fact that everywhere ya go these days we're plagued w/egas *shrug*

For the exhaust, I'd defo agree that making your own metallic gasket from aluminum or copper is the way to go, or ya could just buy one premade like the one Sick Bike Parts offers.

...and for the intake manifold makin' one out of a quality paper gasket material is easy-peasy, however another solution not so common anymore is leather. Out of gasket material & tearing my last gasket, I chopped up a leather work glove to make a new one & I gotta say it's by far my favorite technique now, that gasket seems infinitely reusable - not easily damaged by just messin' with the intake manifold and seals really well

I try to never use any sort of "insta-gasket" goop on my builds, while a commonplace solution in many applications & even shops tend to use it - I can't help but to think it a bit of a cheat TBH and if yer prone to tinkerin' - takin' apart your build constantly to improve it or w/e, it can make life a pain. If the mating surfaces are made perfectly flush by refacing the intake and exaust flanges (a good flat file & some patience) there's really no need for any sorta sealant, ideally it's a "gap filler" and if you don't have any gaps, you'll not need it.

Sadly, with the NT & speed carbs and the stock intake, particularly the chrome one, there's little that can be done to insure a good mating surface - there I'd hafta agree w/Tom, just a touch of goop will help prevent a vacuum leak. I'd prefer to use somethin' less "brutal" than 'Seal-All' as it is a glue of sorts... but now we're back to alcohol resistance and the lack of a suitable product *shrug* While 'Seal-All' isn't truly alcohol resistant, being a "glue" instead of just a sealant it seems that when it breaks down it doesn't get to the "slimy & useless" stage, it becomes much like what the permatex whas supposed to stay like *shrug*

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