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Default Re: uh-oh with gasket maker...?

For the record, I went in with sealing my carb to the intake with that in mind, and sought out an appropriate sealer. I selected this: Permatex 80060 #97 High Tack Super Gasket Sealant - 1.75 oz.: Automotive "Resists gasoline, oil, antifreeze, axle lube"

Later on down the road, I decided to buy a #68 jet from SBP. Knowing that I'd need to remove the carb from the intake, I decided to also buy a three-pack of their Viton o-rings, just in case.

And it was a good thing, too, because when I took the carb off the intake, the 97b was easily wiped away, the consistency of old jelly, and a little bit slimy. My carb is now attached with just the o-ring, and it's doing pretty well.

Perhaps I am wrong to paint all claims of gasoline resistance with the same brush, but Permatex is a well known brand, and I'd expect "gasoline resistant" to mean a bit more than what I got. I can definitely say don't use Permatex 97b.

If you've got a better specific product suggestion, I'm all ears.
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