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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
Bike #5 looks pretty good, and bike #2.
Bikr #2 is mine, full worklog in the electric section of this forum link to hidef pics in my sig. #5 is a my mate Matt's bike he also owns #4 bike...My mate Mick road the #5 bike on the day.

Lawrie wasn't my "friend" i only met him in person the day of the ride, i had my good friend Mick stand in the ditch too show the depth and width of ditch, i haven't posted pics or video of the accident as Lawrie asked that it be kept off the net, i unfortunately i have no way of contacting him other than on Endless Sphere forum to pass on best wishes. When he returns to the forum i shall pass on any more info regarding his condition. He had leg movement so it wasn't all bad, just unable to stand due to intense pain.

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