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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Organized a group ride with local e-bikers on Sunday, we went for a 20km ride on the cycle way around Perths Swan river, was fantastic day with the exception of one accident by a member running into a ditch on his recumbent tadpole trike and injuring himself to the point he couldn't stand or walk.

Here's some pics of the bikes and riders...and the ditch Lawrie plowed into at speed, comming to a dead stop.

I had my good friend Mick stand in the ditch to show the depth...As you can see, the bike is now a real "bent" The ditch was well camouflaged and simply not seen when Lawrie raced off the path and skirted on the grass, he was level with me, we were looking and laughing as the ditch came up, i spotted it only meters before he went in, was a sickening thud as the bike and he hit the bank...ES member 1000w went back and collected Lawries car, bought it to the accident scene luckily there was an entrance to the reserve near by, Lawrie refused to get an ambulance as he had no cover, we insisted but.... several members lifted him into the passenger seat of his car, he was driven home where a family member was to take him to hospital.

These are members of the Endless Sphere electrical vehicle forum...

I plan to organize another group ride early in the new year...


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