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Default total n00b.. se MI

hello all.. I am as you see a complete n00b to motorbicycles.. so i thought i might tell you how i got here. I work fairly close to the house, about 1.5-2 miles. last year me and my wife got matching schwinn skyliner bikes from walmart (how cute, i know, i know) ...anyway, after a year of trying to talk myself into it i desided to ride my bike to work rather than drive (i need the exersise) so not being a morning person, i got up and road in almost still asleep. sooooo end of the work day, here i am all proud of myself.... and THE BIKE IS STOLEN! thats what i get for trying to do somthing nice in michigan.
I know. . this is getting long.... to rap it up, im looking all over the internet to try and replace my mens 07 schwinn skyliner, the silver and black one. (if you have an extra i would like to buy) which is not available in stores anymore, and while serching i found this site.
So as soon as I can replace my bike i want to build it =) it looks waaaaay fun! and who wants exersise anyway!
If anyone can point me in the right direction of some good starter threads (i want to do chain driven 2cyl) that would be great. I want to do a comfort style bike. Where do i start =) is the gold and white 08 skyliner a good bike to use??
Good to meet you all
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