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Default Re: Anti theft measures.

Very valid point Black Moons, w/that in mind I didn't even bother with a kill switch let alone a keyed ignition - choke to shut down & turn the fuel off, I figure few people know how to start the thing, if they do - they're prolly a friend of mine, they won't get far, and I know where they live anyway heh. If I'm actually worried about theft I bring it inside or just lock it up to something w/the ol' cable lock

I did actually install a "hidden" toggle kill switch, never bothered to wire it up tho, a buddy thought he'd mess w/me one day and flipped it to the "off" position, figuring he'd get a few lols as I tried to "fix" my bike... I vroomed off & didn't even know what he had done till the next day at work where he simply stated, "I guess your kill switch doesn't work..." lol

Little does he know that despite the fact his prank was "stillborn" - he's still thrown down the glove and one day when I get bored enough his coil wire is gonna "mysteriously" wander off

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