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Default Re: Newbie - Interesting motor - questions...

Thanks Gents...I'll need o do some more research to find out about the engine.

I'm so green I can't say whether there's any sort of clutch there. I'm coming at this from out of the dark with actual engine knowledge beyond the theory of internal combustion from high-school science class...and tuning my '68 Chrysler...

I did however find the answer to my own question regarding using the derailler as the powered side, with the cranks able to free-spin when the engine runs. It is common with "stretch cruiser" bikes I see elsewhere in the forums.

Torn between the red tank and my Jawa speedway one, which was earmarked for that someday larger bike...The blue one just fits so well.

I guess I'll be a while, but finding this foprum is a kick for inspiration.

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