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Default Re: The Ultimate MB accessory for the style conscious

Goldwings are sneaky Allen, they may be laden down w/all sortsa foolishness and tend to be owned by retirees - but buried under alla that plastic, doodads & trinkets is a good, solid engine - anywhere from 1000 4cyl to almost 2000cc SIX cylinder w/over 100HP easy, depending on year & model O.O

A while back I was doin' time in a MC shop, we had one come in to be rebuilt - almost no miles on it but it had set around unused w/fuel in it for far too long (typical of the breed), anyway after we cleaned it all out I drew the short straw and hadta road test it, not exactly psyched as I wasn't pleased with a "Volkswagen Bug w/only two wheels" - I clambered aboard the monster and idled it out to the road, as there was some traffic and I figured that it would have all the acceleration of a grandma on a sunday, I gunned it - and the planet spun!

The freakin' thing roared and stood up, much like the above pic & I couldn't see a bloody thing over the dashboard lol, ever since I've kinda wanted one - minus alla plastic ofc

The Valkyrie & the Valkyrie Rune were some examples of the same engine w/o alla furniture BTW:

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