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Default Newbie - Interesting motor - questions...

Hello fellas, my name is Josh. I'm in Australia.

I figure I fit in here. I've got a daily rider I built myself, the Jalopy. Its a special bike because I'm 6'4 and it needed to be long to fit.

I have seen loads of those kit motors around...but I have this aversion to anything thats "Off-the-shelf" y'know...No disrespect intended to the guys who have one here...

So I held out for years, and the Jalopy now has a healthy patina coming through the primer.

Last weekend I found an air-compressor being given away on a neighbours front lawn. I thought I could use it for work, doing paint on surfboards, my job.

On inspection I got more excited. The motor is petrol, and a small J.A.P no less!

J.A.P - John Alfred Prestwich - An English company, made some of the best engines ever in motorcycle history, including a 500cc that reigned speedway racing from the '20's to the 60's. This is the ultimate engine I seek for my "real" motorcycle project someday, someday...

But for my current resources and mechanical ability, the small J.A.P is a great start.

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Can anyone say more about this motor ? I found the number 02 embossed in the barrell. Maybe thats the model number. I can't tell what capacity it is.

Here it is off the compressor tank...

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