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Originally Posted by Brains View Post
Cheers, just cant seem to upload pics of my bike & Stingray

I use photobucket to post and resize my pics

Towards the end of this thread the members really helped to learn to post pics using photobucket

Okay here is how to do it using the attachment way

When you are making a post...if you scroll down you will see " Additional Options"

In Additional Options there is "Manage Attachments" it's in a small box.

When you click on that a new window will open

There you will see "Upload file from your computer"

Click on "browse"

A new window will open with pics from your computer...pick the photo you want and open that file.

then click on "upload"....if you want to add another photo click on "browse" again and can only post 4 pics on one thread so if you want to add more then 4 you will have to start another post.

Once you have all your pics uploaded...just hit submit.

If your pics are too big they will not post, you will have to resize them.
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