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Default Re: It's Alive!

Itís alive! Itís alive! The Moon Dog growls!
Well folks, after starting last Thursday, tearing down the bike, lubing all the bearings, fabricating fender brackets, motor mounts, gas tank brackets, and a ton of other modifications, I just straddled the bike at about 3m this afternoon, pedaled across the yard, popped out the clutch and the liíl beast sprung to life. After a few laps around the house and several stops to adjust the clutch cable, I took to the road for about a two mile shake down with my neighbor behind on his brothers 50cc store-bought scooter. The bike performed great! After getting back home, the clutch cable required a little more tweaking. I then put on the chain guards, a set of pedals off one of my junk bikes, and the mechanical speedometer from my Raleigh road bike. I ran out of daylight and energy at about 9m. Tomorrow I hope to install mirrors, a tool bag on the back of the seat and a package rack. I think Iíll search the threads on the forums to see what you guys are doing for lights. Big thanks to all you guys (and gals) that have been doing this for some time now. The information you have supplied has been of great value. One thing in particular was the tip on replacing the sparkplug wire. I was about to just yank the original one out of the IC but decided to check the forum for how to properly do this. You folks came through. I had no idea the thing screwed out. It might be ok to jerk it out, but I donít think this stuff can stand too much of the ďbull in a china shopĒ approach. (Pun intended!)

For now, I think Iíll just sit back with a bowl of homemade peach ice cream and read what the rest of you folks have been up to.
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