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Default Re: Just getting started in all this

Could get the VIN off a junked moped and use it if it ever became an issue. Just a thought. They don't really care at the DMV and just want the paper work, to work and say "next" lol

OH! this is big time important!!! motorized bicycles are tiny lil foot notes in the rules and laws. Most DMV workers and law enforcement are not trained to know every small detail. I wrote extensive posts citing links and quotes from the CT DMV. Spent 6 hrs at the DMV looking this stuff up only to find out 2 yrs later that it had all been changed a month after all that research! Look it up for your self! Here in CT in the motorcycle hand book at the very beginning is what constitutes a "motor driven cycle"

"Motor-Driven Cycles (Mopeds)
C onnecticut law distinguishes the difference between a motorcycle and
a motor-driven cycle, commonly known as a moped. A motor-driven cycle is
defined as any motorcycle, motor scooter, or bicycle with an attached motor that
has a seat height of at least 26 inches and a motor that produces no more than five
brake horsepower. You must have a valid driverís license to operate a motor-driven
scooter, but do not need a motorcycle endorsement."

Just saying don't trust what some one thinks and know for sure. Once a week I get told I am wrong and they have to be under 50cc here and do no more then 30 MPH. I carry the DMV hand book with me. Never once been asked by a cop. They just smile at em and ask how fast, snork.

I love CT
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