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Default Re: introducing the bairdco prototype cruiser.

this bike's done.

really simple build, nothing fancy.

i kept the tank simple as well, except for the fancy filler neck metalwork. i'm making a "bairdco" copper insert for the center of the cap.

it's only 2.5" wide, but with all that room in the frame it holds a little over a gallon, so it won't run outta gas anytime soon.

it has a Sturmey Archer X-FDD 70mm drum brake/dynohub on the front, and the little bullet taillight and the front rocketship light are both wired into it.

the wiring's hidden as much as possible. it's epoxied into the backside of the fender struts and under the fender, then runs under the tank, so the only part you see is at the back fender stay and at the headtube.(picture 3 shows the fender strut.)

it also has personalized tires for my buddy randy, who owns it.

as far as this being the "bairdco prototype," it's actually a Western Flyer re-pop, made by Aero-fast/Emory. it's the same frame as their standard cruisers.

and the bad news is the original price i was quoted went up 400% when i was ready to buy, so i doubt i'll be having any more dealings with this company.

that's all i want to say about that.

there's some good, potentially great, news on the horizon for bairdco industries, but i ain't sayin' a thing about it until it's a reality.
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