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Right on, that sounds like a cool project, if you survive post pics/vid

When I was 10, I got zapped good when I was helping my dad build a boat trailer. He said "hand me the one with the stick" and me being 10 thought "I'll bring him the other one too", to help, lol. Luckily the ol Lincoln was only set @140amp -but it still took me a minute before I could get a scream out 'cause the juice had locked my arms and most of my chest. Once I'd Yelped he ran over and shut it down, but I could still feel the effects of the juice a month after. I guess I'm lucky, because earlier in the day it was on full 220amp for cutting through spindles. If I'd grabbed them then, I'd be dead, lol.

Ever since that day, he's always used insulated grips... You should too.

Good luck, and don't kill yourself man, we need those pics
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