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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

Originally Posted by rockdoc View Post
Looking wild fishguts. Just how much heat is this thing gonna generate near "the family jewels"?. Pop off valve?. You are, sir, a brave pioneer. I am stuck to this thread.

I don't plan on straddling the boiler, that's for sure! I will be cutting down the stack so I can swing my leg over it to get on the bike and that moment of passage better be a quick one!

I'm thinking of setting the relief valve at 125 psi. It will exhaust to the ground back by the boiler. The steam line to the motor will certainly be hot so I'll plumb it close to the frame and may need to insulate it. Actually, that would probably help efficiency. Looks like I'll be removing the fins from the motor when it gets here because steam cylinders like to run hot.

This might be a good winter bike!
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