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Default Hello from Northern California


Yea, I'm an old guy in his early 50's. I spent my youth skiing moguls and riding bicycles. Now, I work too much and ride motorcycles when I have the time.

I've been thinking about adding a motor to a bike ever since I saw one going down the street. Now, I want to build a motorized "rail bike".

Muffler for a 2-stroke
I have a 32cc 2-stroke motor. It really runs strong, but the weed wacker part broke in half. OK, I have a donor, but it is loud! Any aftermarket mufflers or ways to quiet down a 2-stroke?

BMP kit looks like one of the better kits and a good value.
Any others I should look at?

Rail bikes
OK, this pushed me to the point of action. I want to build one and I read all about on on this forum. If you know of other examples, please post the link.

Thank you,

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