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Default Hello from problems

Been lurking around the forum for about a month now after I got my motorized bicycle put together. Its a Skyhawk GT5 Angle fire, on a Huffy Karaoke. My problem is this. When the engine is cold it runs great. After about 10 minutes of riding my power gets cut in half. I have changed the spark plug to the other factory one that came in the kit gapped at .28, new plug wire/boot from autozone. Had a leaky seal on the mag side and replaced that with a new one. Thought it might be the carb (had the cns), so I put a new NT on it. Sealed the head and base gaskets with RTV, also on the intake to motor gasket and around the carb. I am stumped. Ive worked on my own and friends and familys cars for about 10 years, so I know a good deal about engines. This little thing has been driving me nuts for the entire time Ive had it semi-operational. BTW I have disconnected the kill switch and I does the same thing. Im lost and in search of an answer. Please help!
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