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Default Re: Quest for Dependable, High Performance, Easy to build MotoredBike

On the H.S. Motorbike build I don't know how many miles, just a few hundred probably as I just finished building it this fall and I don't use a speedometer, but I noticed I sure stopped riding the 2 stroke in favor of the four. I couldn't get over how smooth everything was and virtually no vibration. I have a newer type Whizzer oil filled suspension fork on that bike with extra wide Fat Frank tires and it's like riding a Cadillac. The Greyhound/Schwinn I just finished and was only able to put 25 or 30 miles on it before the first big snow storm and now temps down in the teens at night and below freezing in the day. So unless it warms up I'm done riding up here until spring. I'll be taking the Greyhound with me to Maryland in a month where I care take a place up in the Cotaktin mountains near camp David. Very hilly there which is why I wanted to try the Greyhound engine. So I should be able to ride it some this winter in Maryland. In the little I was able to ride it here I was impressed with the power from a dead stop and smooth acceleration up to "too fast" and it climbs hills nicely. That's what I want and need as I have a partial paralysis in my legs from Guillane Barre Syndrome (like polio). I can't pedal well, but I sure like to ride. From what I understand both the HS and the Greyhound motors will go for a long time. Good luck with your build.
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