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Default Re: Schwinn Classic Build

Silverbear - Thanks man, i really do enjoy making things myself and trying to beat my own path instead of following everyone else. This has turned into a winter project hopefully ready by spring. So my budget isnt very tight since i have no rush on getting it finished. Its going to be for cruising and enjoying myself mainly, I have a Motorcycle and SUV for transportation. And as far as hills, Its Maryland, there are a few hills but nothing crazy.

I would like to do a 4stroke like your greyhound, but i'm a more "looks over function" kind of guy and i just cant get over the bulky look of the standard 4stroke motorized bicycle engine. Now if i did an air cleaner like yours, and somehow removed the pullstart assem. in place for a folding kicker pedal like an older Motorcycle then i would be a little more interested.

This is why i am more interested in the ATV 4strokes with 3sp. auto trans. It is just a cleaner looking engine, with a kick pedal, that resembles a motorcycle engine. The only problem is that i seriously doubt i could make one fit in my frame. There just isnt enough space front to back.

Where did you get your Greyhound, i dont think i caught that in your thread?

Sportscarpat - Thanks man, It was suprisingly easy to do!
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