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ok i've been lurkin' an flirtin' with this for quite some hooked!..last saturday went to a garage sale an picked up a Huffy "good vibrations" deluxe, 26" single speed, dark blue with gold pinstripe...rusted chrome, wide whites..but overall in great shape, complete, original condition...6 bucks!...told the wife, "here we go!"....took it home an started cleaning, adjusting, cleaned up well...........but, not enough for me!...let me explain.... im a "50 yo teen-ager",the neighborhood go to fixit guy, hence the kids call me "mr.charlie"....i work out of a 18x18 theme garage that is modeled after an early 1960's Texaco station, neon green/chrome ceiling fans, red neon texaco clock, 32"' flatscreen with 300watt surround sound system,and wall to wall Craftsman red and black cabinets, tall lockers, 4 roller boxes, 2 red and black benches, grey rubber floor mat, and sliding screen panels across the front, **** i even made a small kitchen aid refrigerator look like a gas pump, complete with stickers!...needless to say everyone in the development calls me the Craftsman guy....i never turn anyone away if they need is very satisfying....ok back to the bike....i decided to make it a "Craftsman-cruiser"....i stripped it down and sanded all the pieces, hung them all up in my makeshift paint booth....Sunday,went to home-depot and got 2 cans of rustoleum safety red appliance paint as well as metallic silver, and some gloss black...then Monday, i went to the local "mom an pop" bike a set of "ape's" new head stock, new crank/gear/bearings. rearveiw mirrors, foam grips,xtra long seat post (im 6'2 with 36" inseam) all new reflectors..and started came out way better than i expected, i "bobbed" the rear fender (and flaired the end) so it sits at 12o'clock, and i split the springer seat pan an re-foamed/covered it with red vinyl came out great!...i will post pictures later today....but the "killer" was yesterday!....i found a kid on craigslist 40 miles from me with a complete un used 80cc zoom bike engine kit for 130 bucks!.....flat black...goin to get it after i think i qualify for the low budget amatuer build contest i read about on here?......

engine kit=$130

total fun=$241......thanx for the disease guy's!
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