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Default Re: Quest for Dependable, High Performance, Easy to build MotoredBike

It sounds like your Staton with multiple speeds is the best option for you right now. As for the 2 speed Qmatic tranny, I know that Quenton had hoped to get it in final production by now and it has been tested thoroughly and works well. As I understand it there are a couple things going on. One is trying to work out production logistics to keep quality up and cost down as much as possible. The other is the great increase in demand for the current transmission which is keeping EZMotorbikes very busy. I'm not too worried about when it will be available for two reasons. First, my understanding is that it will be available as an upgrade to the current transmission, so I can use mine as it is and turn mine into a two speed later. Second, I know that Quenton is careful about quality control and when the two speed is available it will be as bulletproof as the current Qmatic. I like that I can email or call these guys and get a quick response. Really good customer service and I have every reason to believe this company is going to be around for a long time. Nothing insures longevity like a good product in the first place. When you do your build, be sure to do a thread for us to follow. I had one of the old Tanaka friction drive motors some years ago (Bikebug) and even with that little guy it was well made. I don't doubt that the engine you're using is a good one.
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