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Default Re: Quest for Dependable, High Performance, Easy to build MotoredBike

I recently built a 50 Schwinn straight bar with a HS four stroke engine (49 cc) with a Qmatic transmission and have been very happy with it. I think that once the 2 speed option is available in the Qmatic it will be a very good option for people looking for reliable primary transportation is steep hilly areas. Very quiet transmission, low vibration (virtually none) smooth running engine. I don't use a speedometer right now, so can't tell you about speeds, but it is quick. Sounds like what you're doing is another good route to take. I like cruisers, suspension forks, fat tires and in frame engines. Good that we have options to fit different needs and tastes. Like you, I'm looking to use the truck much less and the bike much more, weather permitting.
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