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Default Re: Schwinn Classic Build

Originally Posted by fishguts View Post
Not a whole lot of Maryland north of Frederick! Thurmont, Emmitsburg, Smithsburg ... some of my old stomping grounds. That can be a pretty snowy place to spend your winters. Then again maybe you're coming as far north as my hometown where Ski Liberty is located ...

OK, enough thread hijacking!

Silverbear: You're making some neat and innovative mods there. You should be able to figure out just about any engine combo from the looks of it. This is basically the bike I had when I was a kid, so it's interesting to watch it come together. Of course, I didn't have a motor in mine!
I caretake and do handyman work up in the Cotaktin mountains not too far from Camp David and a wee north of Thurmont. The postal address is Sabillasville, not far from Emmitsburg. Very hilly country there and yes, last winter had a lot of snow. I'm still in Minnesota, expecting to get out there in early December as soon as I finish a Panther 4 stroke build for a friend. I'm taking my 51 Schwinn/Greyhound with me. If you get down that way before May, bring your bike and we can do some riding with some the Maryland guys. Tinsmith is down in Frederick or near there and Crazy Horse is over near Rockville.
Thanks for the kind words, but I think you've got me beat in innovation... steam? Awesome! Where's Ski Liberty? I know Smithsburg.
Yes, sorry about the high jacking of this thread. Now let us return to our regular programming...
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