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Default Re: This came into the shop a couple weeks ago....

Originally Posted by NEAT TIMES View Post
Style, Oh My God!!! Thank You, Thank You!!! I Never Dreamed I Would See Those Pic`s!! 59 Yrs Ago The Nabor Guy Helped Me Build A Motor Bike With That Motor!! The Gas Tank Is In The Bottom Cast Iron Base. There Is A Metal Pan The Sits Between The Base And The Block For The Oil. The Intake Valve Is A Poppet Valve. It Has A Soft Spring With Out A Rocker Arm, The Vaccumn Sucks It Open On The Intake Stroke. It Has The External Exhaust Push Rod And Rocker Arm. Always Remember It As A 3/4 Hp B&s. Cost 4 Pennies To Fill It Up. Paid 25 Cents For The Motor From An Older Kid. Left My Pocket Watch For Security And Was To Pay Him On Friday Eve At His House. Friday He Was Not Around. Sat I Went To Pay Him, We Had A Simple Contract To Pay On Friday! He Kept My Watch. That Still Bugs Me. The Bike Frame, We Cut The Bottom Bracket Out, Bent The Seat Tube Back And The Head Tube For Ward For Engine Room. Welded In A Offset Plate For The Motor. Bought A Whizzer Large Rear Wheel Pulley And Run It Direct Belt Drive. The Carb Is Bolted To Gas Tank With The Long Intake Tube. Did Not Have Air Filter On Top Of Air Tube, Put Your Thumb On Top Of The Air Tube To Choke Engine And Push To Start And Jump On. No Muffler, Just A Piece Of Pipe About 4 Inches Long. There Was A Nice Blue Flame To Be Seen At Nite! Had A Angle Iron Bolted Accross, Under The Engine For Foot Rest`s. No Throttle, It Ran Full Throttle. It Had A Kill Button On The Air Shroud To Slow It Down For Corners Etc, No Pedals, No Brakes Or Fenders. Was Only 11 Yrs Old. Let My Friend Ride/drive It, He Came Down A Hill And Had To Turn Corner Going Too Fast, Went Thru A Flower And Then Veg Garden, Looked Like A Large Tossed Salad!! Lol. We Got Heat Over That. This Was In Eau Claire, Wisconsin. That Winter I Mounted The Motor And Wheel On An A Frame Type Of Triangle With A Pivot, On The Back Of A Metal Runner Snow Sled. The Plan Was To Run On The Hard Packed Snow Roads Of Those Days. The Motor Bike Belt Was Too Long, So I Went Around The Pulleys With Several Wrap`s Of Hay Bale Twine!! Bad, Bad Idea!!! I Had The Wheel Blocked Up Off The Ground.the Twine Belt Came Off, I Tried Putting It Back On With Motor Running, O U C H! 3 Finger`s Got Caught And Wrapped Into Motor Pulley. I Had To Jerk My Finger`s Out To Keep My Hand From Screwing Off!! Broke 1 Finger And Tore The Hide Off Three. When My Hand Healed Winter Was Over. Sorry For The Rant. I Can Still Smell The Exhaust And The Dirt Roads/trails. I Never Sniffed Gas Or Paint Etc, But Gas Smelled Good To A Motor Nut In Those Days, Sure Stinks Now. Ron
AWESOME! I saved a picture of this engine and relooked it up. Seen your post,must be close in age me 69. When I was 16 I had a Monark twin the twisted a rod could not get parts,sold what was left. But then I had to build another I used a newer Briggs 1 1/2 hp Bought a V-plex clutch( they don't make anymore} it pinched the belt to go,sort of like the front half of a CVT.I found a piece of galvinized pipe that the crank bearings and cups fit. Mounted a small rear wheel bike sproket and about a 6" belt pully. I don't remember how I did the shaft but that is what I used for a jack shaft.Mounted it just up under the seat. Then I used the large sproket from crank pedals filed it out to fit the rear rim hub and had my uncle weld it on the left side of the rear wheel. Realy worked good. Then the next winter I took the engine down in the basment and ground out the ports buy pased the govener. Awesome twice as fast until it flatend the crank form over reving.Traided it for a modle A Ford. That was the end of bikes untill about a year ago found a friction drive motor while cleaning out a shed that I had bought from a friend of my sons and mounted it to a bike and thats all it took. It is a Bike Machine Motor sold back in the 60's I am redoing a full suspension bike to mount it should finish this winter. FUN FUN....Curt
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