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Default Hi, from Lexington Kentucky

Hello, my name is Justin. I recently got the urge to build a motorized bike when I saw someone riding down the road on one. I did a little research, probably not enough, and then purchased an engine from berry bikes. I purchased the 66/80cc kit.

Shortly after a friend gave me a Columbia Tourist 3-speed in fairly good condition. The tires are in rough condition but they still hold air and the wheels are straight. There is some rust on the chrome and frame. The chrome is cleaning up pretty well with copper wool. If the build goes well I will tear it back down and have the frame repainted. I want to make sure I can get this thing up and running first.

I got the motor mounted tonight and shortly ran into my first bump in the road. As I said before this bike is a 3-speed, and the rear sprocket that came with the kit (clamp type) does not fit around the larger 3-speed hub. I was thinking of trying to find an entirely different rear wheel that has a smaller hub, single speed. I really dont care if the bike is 3-speed or not. Any suggested wheels I could replace it with? Does anyone have any suggestions to over come this obstacle?

Also I dont like the twist handle throttle that came with this kit. I'm going to have to cut the handle bar to get it to fit right and I dont like that at all. If all works well, I want this bike to look good. I really like the white grips that came with the bike as well. Are there other types of throttle set-ups out there and can I get them to work with this engine? I was thinking of a thumb throttle set up like a lot of atvs have.

Any suggestions or tips would be great.
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