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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

Really nice job. I have a great fondness for copper and use it when I can. I've referred it it as 'poor man's gold'. I like it new and shiny and also as it oxidizes and changes slowly to dull and brown/green. It is all good. I'll be making my first copper gas tank this winter, hopefully the first of many. Can't weld, but I can solder! I'm going to leave it bare metal and let it age as it wants. Someday I'm going to strip a bike to bare metal and clear coat it. No color to hide things. I love the mechanics and way they are put together... the brazing on the very old bikes is a beautiful thing. I think your steam idea is compelling... looking forward to seeing puff down the road, with your brass headlight lighting the way. Awesome!
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