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Default Re: Clutch lock-up

No, the pads are loose and like new due to the c-clutch doing most of the engageing/disengaging.

It definetly is the bearings as they are chewed up.

Seems to me that they should be lightly lubed every 500 mi or so to keep them in good shape instead of running dry.

The only good part is that I didn't have to push it all the way home.

Originally Posted by killercanuck View Post
Hiya, That sux,.. but Spookies about the only one around with a specific rebuild kit(I think)

Spooky Tooth Cycles - Motorized Bicycles: Gas Powered and Electric Bikes - Clutch Repair Kit

Do you think you might get away with just new pads? You can find them cheaper. Wait for a couple of experts to reply before you buy anything though, just in case their's a solution I don't know of.

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