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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Cool. Or as the kids say now-a-days, Kool

I have done some experimenting with the HF, 4 smokes and their filter covers. Forgot to keep stats or numbers, but did add a bit of umph.

this one is with no cover other then chicken or hardware wire

I have yet to ride with this one but is with the cover and a hole cut out directly over the carb inlet of it using just a hole saw.
Dang, phone died and pic didn't send to email. Want to try a scoop sort of thing next. I really should get RPM and speed #s. Was more worried about looks and didn't think of it.

So as to be OnT, thats what I did to my motorized bicycle Saturday morning, lol. Sunday played with a welder. (brandy new and man is that a fun implement of construction!) Made a really cool muffler and mounted a new HF. I had blown the last one up as an experiment as to how much abuse they can take. A surprisingly lot. Worked on a multi-speed tranny. Actually, a pretty awesome whole week-end of motorized bicycle fun.

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