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Default Re: Made the purchase!

I'm just getting to the rear sprocket today (or tomorrow). I will know soon. It does look like there will be a problem there with the tire and chain rubbing. I am prepared to go with a narrower tire right from the beginning. In fact, I might just plan on putting a slightly narrower one on from the start to save myself the frustration later.

The area that was the most problematic/time-consuming was the seat-post diameter being too wide for the (cast) engine clamp. I had to hog the clamp out with a grinder to get an acceptable fit. Other than that, I really like the frame style and look of the Op Roller for this build.

I have browsed around and now like the Slant by Felt. Of course I like the 1903 as well, but I might work with a Slant next. I'll never be able to beat the $98.00 for an all-aluminum Wally-bike though! The black and gray look good.

I've read all of the negatives about the inexpensive bikes, but the Op Roller has some advantages, (I think).
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