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Default Motorized bicycle wheel balancing

HI All,

Never really thought about wheel balance until I was looking at one of my bikes (engine free indoor bike) and noticed it had one of those large spoke mounted reflectors in the wheel.

Just out of curiosity I took off that reflector and weighed it....Turns out it weighed nearly 3 ounces!.....And since it was located fairly close to the rim itself I thought that was a fairly heavy wight to be so far off center.....In an attempt to partially offset some of the weight of the reflector, I did take the trouble to remount it opposite of the valve stem (every bit helps huh?)..While I have not yet personally taken the time to see how far off balance the wheel is (I will when it warms up a little since all my motorized bikes live outside in the shed Brrrr)....I was wondering if any of you out there actually too the time to balance your wheels/tires?.....In thinking about it I will probably do so
shortly because as we approach top speeds of 35+ MPH it may become important (I'll probably use stick on automotive balance weights).

What do you think?