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Default Re: greetings from Vancouver and would like some suggestions

You were wanting a 2 stroke right?

try the S6 - C 11.3 hp water cooled $ 805.00
Does not need race gas

Franco Morini KickButt Engines

Originally Posted by nsane1 View Post
Hi, wanted to get into the bike engine hobby.
Willing to budget about $1000 for my engine.
Wants: something aluminum, high performance and that can run on race gas (like go-carts use)
high flow exhaust and intake
the bike will be set up with all the proper electronics including a valentine 1 radar detector, gps, lights and small alternator .
if someone wants to suggest where i can get the equipment feel free to post, and i would like to support the sponsors to this site by clicking their ads and buying something from them if they meet my requirements.

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