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Default Re: This is pretty funny

Beat me 2 it BA! A point beach painted black looks almost identical to the 1903 Harley-Davidson.

Bummer Bike nut. About the silly internet stuff.

I always find bikers, one percent-ers an' all are great fun to talk with. I always invite them to take a ride on mine. Not one has so far but they are very often huge guys and think, they think it will collapse under them.

Some times I think (never a good thing) that we as a group walk into bike shops or biker bars with a slight expectation of being dismissed or disrespected. A seed of thought and inferiority sort of thing. I should say I some times do just that. But most every guy and an astounding percentage of woman dreamed of and or tried to put an engine on a bicycle and even if only in secret, are cheering ya on.

worst apocalypse ever

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