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Default Re: Custom cables made easy

Just learning that. "Right tool" thing. I get a thrill out of making due (do?, English drives me crazy) but is always harder and more importantly, does not always end-up as well made looking or functional.

Was reading your thread on your cable clamp maker and looked up some of your other threads. Some great stuff. Think I posted this on your clamp thread but I use 3 bolts, a vise and flat stock to make the "C" shape that forms, like a wide down tube adapter. Your thing would take 2 mins and only require 2 hands. Mine takes three hands and choice curse words, snork. Saving for a mini lathe/mill to make one

Just say'n, keep posting and thanks for sharing. If ya look at the numbers to the right, is on most threads read by 10 and commented on by one ratio. So great finds and ideas help more folks then mention it.

Is Sunday. My favorite day of the week. Got nutton to do but play in the shop. Mounting a new HF (always a high) and listen to NPR. Click and Clack the car guys. Home Prairie Companion. Laughing and tinkering on a sunny fall day. Just awesome. Just have to wait for the house and neighbors to wake. Now just killing time b4 making some noise and scrap.

worst apocalypse ever
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