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Default Re: how often do you pedal? Tips on pedaling..

Easy folks...

While I've met a coupla pedalers that didn't appreciate my motorized bike for w/e reason, I'd like to think that we as can be a lil more understanding of the two-wheeled community in general as our hobby ofc encompasses all, blurring the line between bicycle & motorcycle, human and engine.

While "teasing" bicyclists defo won't endear them to our sport, fighting amongst ourselves will also in no way "help" the community - while everyone's opinions are valid, there's nothing that can't be said in a respectful manner. In fact when trying to persuade someone to see another point of view - a lil empathy, courtesy & even a touch of humor is often far more effective than a confrontational tone.

I'll be the first to admit a chuckle as I pass a pedaler, but it's not disparaging - it's relief that I too am not struggling up that blasted hill. I too sometimes "race" engine vrs human - amazed not by how far back they may be - but how well they kept up... It's all perspective *shrug* I've nothing but respect for those that do what I do - yet without "cheating" with an engine other than their own two legs
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