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Default Re: how often do you pedal? Tips on pedaling..

Originally Posted by virginian
In 3500 miles of riding my motorized bike, I have yet to encounter a single pedal cyclist who can even come close to keeping up with me.
Did you expect to encounter a cyclist who would be a challenge to your motor bicycle. This reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Kramer takes a kid's karate class and you guess it = DOMINATES!1!

Originally Posted by virginian
]Sometimes if I come upon a really good rider, I fool with them a little. I slow down to their speed (which feels painfully slow) to see if they will race me. If so, I stay with them for a while until we get to a good size hill and then I go full throttle and blow them away. When I get to the top, I am continually amazed at how far back even the strongest cyclists are.
You realise that your weird road rage issues are definately not "helping" the community. People usually don't like cyclist on the road- and now thanks to the Chinese we have again empowered American white trash to get reckless, get in the way and just f*ck it up all nice and good for the rest of us who don't instantly turn the public highway into a Russian circus bears extravaganza for $150.
And If your "continual amazement" concerning the human body versus the small yet mighty 80cc internal combustion engine continues don't be surpirse when you run into a tree 'cause you're not paying attention to the road. Or a car-head on.
Just imagine what that will feel like. And then imagine a life spent in a fully motorized wheelchair!
You can race people who actually walk and then toot your little horn!
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