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Default This is pretty funny

I posted a picture of my motor bicycle on a motorcycle forum that will remain unnamed. Lets just say it's populated by a bunch of big bike riders, some of whom totally got their panties in a wad and started a small riot. Even though I posted in the off topic forum these guys seemed to feel my bike was a threat to their manhood. The poor moderator had to step into the middle of the fire and start taking hits when he informed them I had as much right to be there as them, especially considering I own a Road Kind, and 2 Sportster's. I ended up telling the moderator to just delete my post LOL.

Then a couple weeks ago when I rode my motorized bicycle to Strokers, a nationally known biker bar that I frequent, when I hopped off my bike everyone was looking at my like WTF is that. I looked back at them and said,

I'm not trying to overcompensate for anything. Everyone was kind of quite. I think I know why now LOL.

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