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Default Looking for an engine for a dax friction drive kit??

This would be my first build i was hoping to find out if i was to go with the friction drive from dax what common everday motor would fit and work with this kit??. 3inch bell which i assume he means clutch plate 4 bolt. either way if anyone could tell what type of motor such as out of a weed wacker chainsaw that would bolt right up with this kit i might be able to locate a motor from such item i have. i havent decided what i want to do yet. My dad worked in a bike shop for a few good years and was thinking 2 friction drive kits would be cool e.g putting one in the rear and mounting another in the front. In that case id have to use 2 motors which i could just buy 2 of the xc50 motors they match rpms and so on. but for now i was thinking just one beefy motor like a 60cc. Also i dont know when using 2 friction kits how much motor is too much for a bike. Ill be using a mountain bike with one shock and an aluminum frame. Any suggestions on one motor for just one kit for now would be good. If anyone has any ideas for the future upgrade 2 friction kits u can also share ideas.
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