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Default Custom cables made easy

When I get ready to put control cables on one of my bikes, I get them all draped and routed the way it looks best, cut to length, and fitted with the correct ends with a professional cable making kit I purchased online. You can buy everything separately or in kit form. I bought a 50' roll of cable, 50' roll of conduit, an assortment of cable ends, solder, flux and a melting pot. I plug the pot in and when the solder is melted, I can make all the cables at one time, making sure they're perfect. Flanders offers all this and it's really high quality. You get your choice of cable. I went with fine stranded for flexibility. I use the same for throttle, brakes, compression release and clutch. When I need to make cables for motorcycles, I will purchase larger cable, conduit and end assortment. Sure you can melt solder with a propane torch and make your own ends, but this is the professional way real shops do it. It's an investment, but with all the bikes we make, it should pay for itself in convenience.

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