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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Black_Moons View Post
You need to ever so insanely carefuly cut about 3/8" of sheath off the cable from around the inner. Near damn impossable to do without nicking it. Dremel cutoff wheel can do it.... Maybe a bike shop can do it... There are posts on her about remaking the ends, So you could cut the cable, Remove it, cut the sheath, then put a new end on (need to cut sheath more to leave enough inner cable to cast a new end on, But stock throttle cables are usally too long anyway)

On the plus side, if you make it way to long as I did, your throttle grip is just loose for a little bit of the twist, You won't lose WOT (Wide open Throttle).

What end does your throttle brake at? Maybe you should make a new thread.
This Noobie thanks you for the information...My cable IS waaay TOO long and i am anxiously awaiting my High-Tech throttle from sick bikes ! I think i can perform the tasks you recommend and re-install the cable end bushing with industry's FINEST FIX-IT-STUFF GOOP rubber sealant/glue

Got my 1" spring fork from the west coast yesterday. my weekend's gonna be busy fussing with the bike

Thanks all!

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