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Default Re: Gas Tank Sealer Recommendations.

Originally Posted by culvercityclassic View Post
I wanted to thank everyone for the input on my problem tank.

I just said FI on this due to the product I used having to be removed before i could re-coat the inside.

I ended up just tig welding all the pin-holes and then added a little air-brush work to the tank...

The bottom line is por-15 is out and I will try Kream next time.

Thanks for posting about por-15. I was considering trying it but will stick with kreem.

Really is a cool thing that we have a way to discuss things like this. (Thanks again Paul and Mods!)((I am waiting for a chance to use a ModSquad joke))

On another thread I had asked about a welder I was considering getting. Got a ton of good information and answers to questions I didn't know I had yet. (I am a complete novice to them)

Just good to know you guys
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