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Thumbs down Re: Is This Kit Nuts? or am I nuts

This is all fine and dandy....however As I indicated earlier These bolts are on
so tight that I broke an extractor in one....Try as I may I have not been
able to drill through it. I called the BGF/manufacturers and get nothing but
recordings...leave name and number....Does not sound like a very reputable
buisness, if they cannot perform custumer service.
I can deal with having to make changes here and the learning
process resumes....but from what I am seeing from videos and reading posts, BGF is not a reputable company that instantly stands behind their product or
good to deal with...OBVIOUSLY this company has to know of the little quirks
[like overtightened bolts] that its customer public faces and has not done much to remedy it. [How hard is it to remember not to torque these bolts down?].
As I was going through the hardware I noticed a tiny brass part with threading on it as though it was some connector of sorts it was among all the nuts and washers. Any one might know what that might be?
Of all the Kits and Engines out there can anyone recommend a reputable and quality one?
Thanks Hal
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