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Default Re: how often do you pedal? Tips on pedaling..

I get tires (26" and 700c, even 27" American) for $10-15 at -- Bicycles, Bike parts, Mountain Bikes, BMX, Road Bikes, Haro Bikes, KHS Bikes, Felt Bikes at Niagara Cycle Works

They also have Tektro and similar replacement caliper brakes that work on 700c wheels on 26 or 27" forks, for $10-20.

Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
Road bikes FRAMES are actually a little too short across the top bar- the tank actually gets in the way of peddalling- I have now found that I can cheat other larger wheels on the cruisers- but the brakes have to be measured carefully- a matched set will not usually work- the rear brake has to be very long- like a BMX brake.

but I DO stay on good roads- it's a transporation alternative that saves a lot of gas and I can ride all year in Florida.

But I think the wheels will be fine- of course the thinner the tire, the faster it's gonna wear- The 27 on the front I've found quite adequate. and you can't be especially heavy. I'm about 185.

For 700 C wheels, I'd stay at least with a 28 mm tire (1 1/8" approximately) The nice part with 700c is that there is a nice selection and availability is great.

I think the 50 cc may actually be the better motor- 66 might just be too much motor when the bike rolls this well, and a 50 is a lighter and quieter setup.

Tires are too expensive in general- part of the automotive/ oil plot I think.
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