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Default Re: Is This Kit Nuts? or am I nuts

Yeah, that hardware is a joke. I also bought allen bolts to replace the ones provided. An old machinist taught me that a little valve grinding compound on the driver tip helps it grip. But if the clutch cover bolt heads are too far gone, you can drill them out with a 6mm or 1/4" drill bit, being careful not to go too deep. Be sure the bit is centered on the head and once it pops off and the cover is removed, there should be plenty of room for vice grips to twist the rest out. The nuts and bolts used on these motors are all metric. I know thread pitches and sizes are a mystery to some. The best thing you can do to learn is to purchase a digital caliper that switches from metric to SAE, and metric and american pitch gauges. The calipers are usually on sale at Harbor Freight and Auto Zone for around $15.00. Pitch gauges are available from industrial and tool suppliers and are reasonably priced. This takes all the guess work out of identifying sizes, and saves taking parts to the store to match. You go into a hardware store asking for the size you want and it saves you from an ignorant employee costing you another trip. Every time I go to Ace Hardware I end up helping two or three customers find metric stuff because the staff had no clue. An impact driver is also a good investment. Good luck. Would like to see photos of your bike.
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