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Angry Is This Kit Nuts? or am I nuts

I just got a BGF/model Z280-BK Putting it on a Shwinn Riverside Cruiser.
I got the engine and all parts on the Bike....but two things got my goat here.
the nuts that came with the Kit to fasten the tank to the brackets are too big...they screw on but are a quick to big as they slip the Thread when
you go to tighten them down.....Now I'm going to take the tank to hardware
Store to find 4 nuts for it.
Now for the Most AGRAVATING....The 3 bolts holding the clutch cover
is torqued down so TIGHT that I cannot get them free...I only got one free
the bolts are Straight/phillips head type and are so cheap as to strip the head
easily while trying to loosen them....I then tried an extraction tool....still the bolt would not budge...even broke the extraction tool. What Bothers me about this is that the NUMBNUTS putting these engines together KNOW that
the installation requires removal of that cover...Why bother to Tighten them down so much?
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