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Default Re: how often do you pedal? Tips on pedaling..

the only time i pedal my motorbike is to get it rolling. i never ride it on trails or sidewalks where i'm not allowed (almost never, anyway. i have to admit i do a few speedruns up the santa ana river trial bike path a few times when no one's around...)

the only time i've broken down was from snapping chains, so i never had to take the masterlink out (which i don't use anyways) to make it pedal easier. and i don't get greasy, 'cause the chain comes off on it's own and i leave it in the street.

i have other bikes with no motors on them, so if i want to pedal, i can ride those. and i actually ride them all the time. especially if i'm going to the beach. it's more fun to ride down the boardwalk where there's girls then it is to motor through the side streets by myself.
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