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Default Re: Pull start kick start?

Originally Posted by joabthebugman View Post
just watched a Youtbe by some guy that was starting his lawn mower with a battery drill using a socket attached to a 3/8 drive
It gave me simple ideas

15/16 socket welded to the nut on the crankshaft on one end and welded to a 1/2 drive ratchet on the other on the other end of the ratchet weld a protrusion for the foot rest par that is somehow welded to a swivel that allows you to push it put of the way when not in use. Somehow spring load the lever so that it returns to the upright position after cranking

I could use Craftsman tools and install it on my old Sears bike

Potential problems
1) Not being able to generate enough force to start the engine
2) The ratchet not being able to withstand the abuse
3) the fact that that nut is going to be spinning with that contraption attached to it and beating the **** out of your leg

OK never mind
I tried that a wee bit ago and works great! I used a drill, bolt and a socket. Had the pull start off and needed to start the engine. The parts were next to me so tried it. As the engine lit off, just pulled away. A lot of the socket was used up with the head of the bolt so was just enough to grab the nut on the fly wheel. Really did work well, but mine would need a really, really long extension cord.

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