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Default Re: how often do you pedal? Tips on pedaling..

Road bikes FRAMES are actually a little too short across the top bar- the tank actually gets in the way of peddalling- I have now found that I can cheat other larger wheels on the cruisers- but the brakes have to be measured carefully- a matched set will not usually work- the rear brake has to be very long- like a BMX brake.

but I DO stay on good roads- it's a transporation alternative that saves a lot of gas and I can ride all year in Florida.

But I think the wheels will be fine- of course the thinner the tire, the faster it's gonna wear- The 27 on the front I've found quite adequate. and you can't be especially heavy. I'm about 185.

For 700 C wheels, I'd stay at least with a 28 mm tire (1 1/8" approximately) The nice part with 700c is that there is a nice selection and availability is great.

I think the 50 cc may actually be the better motor- 66 might just be too much motor when the bike rolls this well, and a 50 is a lighter and quieter setup.

Tires are too expensive in general- part of the automotive/ oil plot I think.

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